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by K posted May 13 2014 3:46PM
Primetime Pipi
Primetime Pipi

He's the guy that everyone loves to have at the party because he's so funny! Pipi makes your drive home the best and keeps you company throughout the night with his crazy, pupule antics! Read more about this awesome guy...

Hometown: Honokai Hale Live.. Ewa Beach

Happy place: On the ocean. Full cooler or not....

Tattoos: Not for me.. My woman can have

Other Favs: Ani's sweet potato Haupia pie

I secretly sing at the top of my lungs to: J Boogs Lets do it again.

Fav Foods: omg there's not much i don't like. Jambalya at Bravo's. Love Beef stew....

My fav shows: Family Guy, Dirty jobs both very similar ... Dirty..

Celeb Crush: Stephanie Lum ...Wow

Makes me Cry: Undercover Boss

Fav Stores: hate shopping

Currently reading: Shiros menu...

Product of choice: Dell.

Unhealthy Obsession:  Sweets Peanut M&Ms


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People : Stephanie Lum
by K posted May 2 2014 5:07PM
KCCN FM100 Lina Girl
KCCN FM100 Lina Girl


Lina Girl is one beautiful wahine! She gives so much to community and if you ever have the chance to sit and talk story with her, you'll leave thinking, "wow, this lady is right on!" Want to know a little more about Lina Girl? Then read on...

Hometown: Kaneohe

Happy place: cruising in my Vera Wang Serenity bed

Tattoos: yes

Song I listen to on repeat at the moment:  Tender Love-Force MDs old skoo love jam

Other Favs: too crazy eclectic to list; it would blow your mind

I secretly sing at the top of my lungs to: no secret, any song and I'm notorious for making up lyrics I can't figure out or find on the 'net

Fav Foods: CHOCOLATE and some kind of nuts, no gooey caramel or nougat. I'm a purist. And of course local comfort foods...baked spaghetti, roast pork, eggs and rice, hamburger chop suey, my family's chili (I'm particular about this), mom's beef stew, Aunty Sarah's laulau, Aunty Bernie's squid luau, Kekai/Ola's Korean chicken, Kamakana's imu rice pudding, Gavin's baked beans, Elzy's chocolate pudding squares, Liliha Chantilly cake, CPK's avocado club rolls, Helena's pipikaula, Kim Chee I's big bone kalbi and squash jun, Peanut Slab from NZ/AUS, nutella/banana crepes...uh, can I get another paper? I'm running out of room...

My fav shows: Nikita, Burn Notice, Smallville, Fringe, The Mentalist, 30 Rock, Community, The Office, NFL football when the Steelers play, The Soup, Unwrapped, Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, Avatar: the Last Airbender (NOT THE MOVIE), Frasier...God bless the person who made the DVR

Fav Movies: Ip Man, Pitch Black/Riddick, Kung Fu Panda, Princess Bride, Rogers and Hammerstein stuff, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Iron Monkey and other Kung Fu classics, most Disney stuff but not all

Celeb Crush: Local KINE Grindz's Bruddah Sam; he's my fo'ilole...yum!!

Makes me Cry: hearing a person's testimony of their love for Jesus Christ (tears of joy) when somebody does or says something that reminds me of my Daddy - miss him everyday (tears of sorrow) kindness and compassion in action (tears of happiness), injustice (tears of frustration)

Fav Stores: Bare Essentials, Payless Shoe Source

Currently reading: not worth listing; I can blast through a book in two days easy. By the time I write this I'll have to change it again

Product of choice: BEST FOODS mayonnaise

Unhealthy Obsession: playing chase master with my cat; everyone thinks I'm nuts but I'm convinced Namunamu likes it


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