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KCCN FM100 Micah Banks

by L Jtan posted Nov 9 2011 1:14PM
Listen Middays to Micah Banks on KCCN FM100!

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KCCN FM100 Micah Banks
KCCN FM100 Micah Banks
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03/26/2013 4:50PM
KCCN FM100 Micah Banks
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01/06/2014 2:18PM
Play Simple Session
Hey Micah. My co-workers and I are at work and want to hear "Come to me" by Simple Session please!!!
02/27/2014 11:36AM
How the heck do you request music
I really wanna hear Good morning Hawaii by Kolohe Kai Please
05/13/2014 9:49AM
I want to hear the Bob song
05/17/2014 9:07AM
Last Song Played?
Can you please help locate a song played yesterday 5.16.14 at around 2p? It was something like..."Could this be goodbye my love?" Would really appreciate your help!
08/18/2014 1:17PM
I want to hear Mahi crabbe kissing u Pua
10/03/2014 1:36PM
Dang, you are SO handsome! Love it braddah. -Hapa girl
01/08/2015 5:43AM
Help from Los Angeles ~ Local boy from Wahiawa
Morning KCCN ohana. Being from Wahiawa and now living in Los Angeles, the only way to keep my mana flowing was to listen to KCCN during the work day. Having to pay for "our" music reflects everything NOT from "our" aina. Please help us locals who live outside of paradise get back our mana, music and aloha.
02/24/2015 12:17PM
Song title "squeeze me" who sings it?
03/02/2015 1:17PM
Hey local boy . Same problem
We used to be able to listen here in Canada too. But it seems someone figured they should now charge is a fee to listen since we had to leave the island. Good luck brah. Hope we get it back
03/04/2015 12:34PM
i think its new....
fm100 played a song yesterday called Beauiful..i think..the groups called easy ibes.could you jam that song for us thanks
03/06/2015 12:19PM
03/06/2015 12:54PM
new song
more easy vibes please. we loving the song beautiful.jam that for us working hard in kalihi
03/12/2015 10:15AM
I cannot seem to find this song
Brah, I listen to you guys every day in Seattle and I heard this song that I cannot find anywhere on the web. It is a song about traveling back and seeing this girl and treating with all kine stuff and no worry about money and something about plenty anniversaries. Sorry if all mixed up but I need to know who sings it and how I can get em.
03/12/2015 5:13PM
Have a Little Faith
Aloha! Heard this song once the other day and i cant find it nowhere! Requesting you play it please☺
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