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    Here at FM100 The Legend, our job is very simply to connect our advertisers with our listeners in the most powerful and cost-effective way. To help achieve that promise, we can offer you a number of components to create a true integrated marketing solution for your business.


    Station Overview

    FM100 The Legend is Hawaiian Contemporary Hit Rhythmic station (CHR format)

    • CHR format stations are typically a top-rated station among young adults in their respective markets
    • Appeals to an active, engaged audience, entering the age of acquisition
    • FM100 The Legend has local, engaging, celebrity personalities that are in-touch with their target market.


    Contact Information

    Sales and Marketing: Patti Ponimoi

    Email: patti.ponimoi@summitmediacorp.com


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    Thank you for your interest in advertising with Summit Media Group. If you would like more information about how Summit Media Group can tailor an advertising solution to meet your needs, please call us today!  (808) 275-1000 and ask for Andrew Rosen.

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