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Lina Girl: Morning Drive

by K posted May 2 2014 5:07PM
KCCN FM100 Lina Girl
KCCN FM100 Lina Girl


Lina Girl is one beautiful wahine! She gives so much to community and if you ever have the chance to sit and talk story with her, you'll leave thinking, "wow, this lady is right on!" Want to know a little more about Lina Girl? Then read on...

Hometown: Kaneohe

Happy place: cruising in my Vera Wang Serenity bed

Tattoos: yes

Song I listen to on repeat at the moment:  Tender Love-Force MDs old skoo love jam

Other Favs: too crazy eclectic to list; it would blow your mind

I secretly sing at the top of my lungs to: no secret, any song and I'm notorious for making up lyrics I can't figure out or find on the 'net

Fav Foods: CHOCOLATE and some kind of nuts, no gooey caramel or nougat. I'm a purist. And of course local comfort foods...baked spaghetti, roast pork, eggs and rice, hamburger chop suey, my family's chili (I'm particular about this), mom's beef stew, Aunty Sarah's laulau, Aunty Bernie's squid luau, Kekai/Ola's Korean chicken, Kamakana's imu rice pudding, Gavin's baked beans, Elzy's chocolate pudding squares, Liliha Chantilly cake, CPK's avocado club rolls, Helena's pipikaula, Kim Chee I's big bone kalbi and squash jun, Peanut Slab from NZ/AUS, nutella/banana crepes...uh, can I get another paper? I'm running out of room...

My fav shows: Nikita, Burn Notice, Smallville, Fringe, The Mentalist, 30 Rock, Community, The Office, NFL football when the Steelers play, The Soup, Unwrapped, Diners, Drive Ins & Dives, Avatar: the Last Airbender (NOT THE MOVIE), Frasier...God bless the person who made the DVR

Fav Movies: Ip Man, Pitch Black/Riddick, Kung Fu Panda, Princess Bride, Rogers and Hammerstein stuff, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Iron Monkey and other Kung Fu classics, most Disney stuff but not all

Celeb Crush: Local KINE Grindz's Bruddah Sam; he's my fo'ilole...yum!!

Makes me Cry: hearing a person's testimony of their love for Jesus Christ (tears of joy) when somebody does or says something that reminds me of my Daddy - miss him everyday (tears of sorrow) kindness and compassion in action (tears of happiness), injustice (tears of frustration)

Fav Stores: Bare Essentials, Payless Shoe Source

Currently reading: not worth listing; I can blast through a book in two days easy. By the time I write this I'll have to change it again

Product of choice: BEST FOODS mayonnaise

Unhealthy Obsession: playing chase master with my cat; everyone thinks I'm nuts but I'm convinced Namunamu likes it


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Location : HometownSmallville
03/26/2013 4:44PM
Lina Girl: 10am-Noon
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06/24/2013 4:41AM
Great seeing you at Liberty Outrigger 2013!
Lina Girl- Great to meet you at NYO's Liberty Outrigger Challenge this weekend! So cool to see one of the DJs from my favorite Hawaiian station representin' the 808 in 212. See you next year! Jeff
08/26/2013 10:03AM
The Shival Experience "Green Green"
The Shival Experience "Green Green"
10/15/2013 9:17AM
your former Morning Drive partner
Hi Lina Girl, What happened to Davey D? It seems the station should be more forthright about what happened? We're all worried.
10/08/2014 6:58PM
Aulani cap with Ohana means family
My granddaughter really wants one like yours but aulani doesn't have one could you find one for me and I will gladly buy it from you or tell me where can I buy one for her she is 10 years old and saw yours on facebook and asked grandma to please getone for her I can't find one online either please help me Lina Girl after all Ohana means family and we love you and Davey D
10/24/2014 3:17AM
FRUSTRATED!! Long Time Listener (Baltimore, Maryland)
I live stream KCCN everyday Monday - Friday while at work...Just the other day, I went to listen live and this station is no longer available to stream in my area...The only prompt now is to "Listen Outside of Hawaii" and I now have to subscribe and pay for FREE radio??? WEAS DA ALOHA?!?!?
10/29/2014 10:18AM
Can't believe you have to pay to listen outside of Hawaii. Very disappointed. Was a long time listener.
10/30/2014 10:16AM
Disservice to long time listeners.
Long time listener who can no longer get the stream. I think that is a great disservice to all those who supported the station outside of Hawaii. I've listened to your same commercials day after day (that you get paid for) only to now no longer have access. You're only forcing people to find their music from other sources and are spitting in the faces of long time listeners.
11/14/2014 7:58AM
Bring back the stream
Paywall for the radio? That's a shame. Losing listeners over this policy.
11/25/2014 5:56PM
Like others, we have listened to the station for many years. It introduced us to many new bands and expanded our appreciation for the islands. Disappointed that the streaming and app no longer work
12/10/2014 7:23AM
It's a shame
Charging to listen from the mainland?? Double dipping by charging and airing ads. Where's the love?
12/12/2014 6:10AM
LIving the Aloha in Northern Virginia
Lina Girl, Thought aloha Friday was a great day to share our story. I am a former resident of Ewa Beach and used to listen to the Morning Drive when I lived on Oahu. I now live in Manassas, Virginia - about 50 mi outside of Washington DC. I started my own tax practice last January after 20 years with a national tax company (green square logo). Our office has a Hawaiian theme, we wear kukui nut leis, have live palm trees and stream KCCN FM 100. We have 3 client desks - H1, H2, and H3. There is a barbeque restaurant next door so our space smells like a luau all the time. We love that Couples Court plays at our lunch time! Thanks for brightening our day everyday! Like us on Facebook at facebook.comtaxbreakusa. Aloha to you Lina and to Pipi to (miss Davey though!) Jeff
01/08/2015 5:42AM
Will this fall on Deaf Ears
Morning KCCN ohana. Being from Wahiawa and now living in Los Angeles, the only way to keep my mana flowing was to listen to KCCN during in my office. Having to pay for "our" music reflects everything NOT from "our" aina. Please help us locals who live outside of paradise get back our mana, music and aloha.
01/17/2015 10:52AM
Pilau, das all I gotta say. kden, gotta go wit iheart and their island music stations.
01/20/2015 12:08PM
One more vote
KCCN has been my favorite station for years but cutting off the stream is disappointing. I'm guessing the volume of data got to be too high and someone decided it was not worth the expense. They'll be no more KCCN in my house on winter mornings, making banana pancakes and thinking about our next trip to the islands. It's too bad but there are other stations and I'll be moving on. It was fun while it lasted!
01/24/2015 6:30PM
Radio Fee
Auwe when I get homesick I would listen to KCCN FM 100. Now we have to pay to listen. Dat sucks...
03/04/2015 6:17AM
Called the station from Atlanta
I have been to listing to KCCN for 20 years in Atlanta. This is the only way to reach out to the home I love. Why do we have to pay? Have you gotten that big? Or has some executive made some grave mistake. I called the station and I was told that the station was loosing money allowing fans to listen outside Hawaii. Well I think it will soon trickle down too more losses because the Artist that provide there tunes and entertainment should move to other stations willing to risk letting the world hear their sound. Go Paina 93.1
03/06/2015 7:52AM
good morning Lina girl
hey lina girl. can you folks play the new song Beautiful from easy vibes for me to stat my day. have an awsome day lina.thanx
03/09/2015 5:54AM
Free the Music
Shouldn't have to pay to listen to the music we love.
03/09/2015 8:33AM
new song
aloha! could you play the new easy vibes song beautiful? mahalo nui loa
03/22/2015 7:46PM
Good bye KCCN
KCCN is the only radio stTion that makes you pay to steam. Now I listen to 97.5. At least it's free. Very sad. It kept me connected to Hawaii. Listening to it at home I could feel like I still live there. And now Pipi and Lina Guel are gone. Prettysoon KCCN will be gone An ex listener
03/27/2015 6:21PM
Moving On
Like the previous poster, I too am very disappointed in KCCN. The decision to move in a "different direction" will have a wave of repercussions now that Braddah Pipi and Sistah Lina are gone. I was an avid fan of the morning programming. As a devoted listener, I also played the afternoon programming since I never bothered to change the station. With the abrupt new changes, 100.3 has now been removed and replaced. Good look with your fan base KCCN. Later.
04/01/2015 5:05PM
Morning crew
We miss Lina girl and Pipi in the morning we don't listen to fm 100 in the mornings anymore. They were the best!
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