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    TO BE SUCCESSFUL AT SUMMIT MEDIA LLC you must exhibit talent, initiative, team skills, effective communication ability and high ethical standards. In return, Summit Media commits to treating employees with integrity, dignity and respect. Summit Media invests in the development of our people.



    Summit Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer. In accordance with the FCC’s EEO regulations, any organization that distributes information about employment opportunities to job seekers or refers job seekers to employers may request that it be provided notice of Summit Media’s job vacancies as they occur.


    If your organization would like to be notified of such vacancies, please contact Summit Media Honolulu, 900 Fort Street, Suite 700, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813


    Want to learn more about multimedia sales, go to www.summitmediahawaii.com


    Please send your resume and cover letter to careers.honolulu@summitmediacorp.com 

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